The shortest and longest distance

is the journey inward

Change YOU…

And you will change the world! 

Denise will get to the “heart of the matter”

with SOULsolutions for YOU, Teams and Organizations

Live LOVE on Purpose!

“Love and LOVE FIRST” is a uniquely inspired work that is gaining national momentum. “Money can’t buy you LOVE,” but it can buy you a copy of “Love and LOVE FIRST!” This phenomenal work is a road map for daily living that is measurable and transformational.

In today’s culture of immoral deficit, “Love and LOVE FIRST” stands as a beacon of guiding light for people of all ages, creed and national origins, stimulating them to “Love First” no matter what! The reader begins to self-assess relationships beginning with you (themselves) your significant other, family, coworkers and finally the global community. The book sets the tone with its very first sentence, “It’s ALL about YOU.” This easy, interactive, and challenging read gets to the heart of the matter with extraordinary concepts such as: “You take YOU everywhere you go, Lording Over your Various Emotions (LOVE) and Failing Each Assignment Religiously (FEAR).” These inclusive ideas and others add richness to this refreshing masterpiece. This labor of love can serve as a devotional, self-study, partner endeavor or group study. Long after every page has been read, it will faithfully serve the reader as a reference book, encouraging him or her to be the greatest Return on Love’s Investment (ROLI) walking the earth!

2nd Edition Coming Soon! 

The purpose of Global SOULutions LLC is to serve individuals by charging them to become well from the inside out,                         while influencing organizational and cultural change.


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