About Denise

Author | Wellness Consultant | Speaker

Denise is CEO of Global SOULutions, LLC, an organization that serves individuals by charging them to become well from the inside out, while influencing organizational and cultural change.  Denise has 20 years experience in leadership development, sales, service, operations, employee development and customer advocacy.  She has achieved significant accomplishments in turnaround situations, team-building, strategic planning, revenue enhancement and project management to align with corporate vision and misson statements.  Denise consults regularly with executives from a variety of fields to help create synergistic solutions to work-impacting problems.

She has earned her master’s degree in organizational leadership from Geneva College and Bachelor’s degree in communications and information science from University of Pittsburgh.  She is an honored recipient of the prestigious 2007 ACES Award at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center as well as a 2009 Leading Lady as recognized from the esteemed Oakland Catholic HIgh School of Pittsburgh, PA.

Denise has acquired a key to successful relationships in the board room, cubicle, family room and community center.  Love is the key to successful partnerships and team dynamics.  Denise offers executive coaching and customized workshops.